Gemini Beta Announcement

Preview of Gemini Beta Dashboard

We shared our vision with you at the end of September and promised that our new interactive Platform – Gemini – would be available in Q1 of this year. That day has finally come! This week we will be rolling out the Gemini Beta Dashboard. 

Gemini is the First HIPAA Compliant Comprehensive Clinical Digital Twin. It is a first principles rethinking of how we display, analyze and summarize data about our bodies. Each Gemini Exam uses over 3 billion data points (and growing) to build a personalized model of your physiology so we can measure how it changes over time. This makes Gemini the most comprehensive view of human physiology that has ever been created. You can finally interact with your data over time, viewing imaging and measurements over multiple dimensions in a single dashboard. You can also see how biomarkers interact with one another and view related subsystems for every measurement and finding. 

Gemini was designed to be able to ingest any type of information about the human body, structure it and then intelligently summarize it. Being able to construct this highly detailed model of your physiology allows us to do some very advanced things behind the scenes. Gemini has begun learning to infer and discover relationships between measurements in order to contextually surface related measurements together relevant to your most significant existential health risks. We have a very exciting roadmap this year and we cut a lot of great features that are very close to being ready, but ultimately decided that getting feedback from you and our clinician partners as soon as possible was the first priority. We’re confident that Gemini is barely at 1% of what it will eventually become.

Helping us Troubleshoot Issues

Gemini is a very difficult product to build and QA because it is critical to us that you and your doctor can trust the information we are providing you. For now every Gemini dashboard that is generated is being reviewed by a Q Bio clinician to check for inconsistencies or potential issues, but this is not a perfect process. If you have questions or concerns about your data/dashboard, please email You don’t have to share screenshots or details you are not comfortable sharing. The information you provide will be sent to a clinician to review and file bugs as appropriate in a way that protects your identity from our engineers.

New vs Existing User Migration from BioVault to Gemini

If you’ve already had one or more Q exams, your data will be automatically migrated to the Gemini platform when you get your next exam.  We have had a flood of registrations in the past few weeks and our priority is going to be making sure we return data back to you as soon as we get it back from the labs. We will use the rest of our bandwidth to migrate and QA older BioVault accounts into Gemini. If you don’t have a Gemini exam coming up soon, we will let you know when your data has been fully migrated into Gemini. In summary the priorities for getting people access to the Gemini Beta will be:

  1. New Gemini Exams (for existing users your data will be migrated over within 2 weeks of your next exam)
  2. Exams since 10/17/22 (the release date of the higher quality and faster Gemini scan)
  3. Everyone else 

Sunsetting of BioVault

We will not be shutting down BioVault until all data that was accessible from your BioVault is accessible from your new Gemini dashboard. We’ll notify you multiple times before we remove Biovault and redirect your old links.

Gemini Beta vs BioVault Feature Parity

While we’re proud of what we’ve built so far, there are a few limitations that we’re working on quickly resolving before we declare Gemini v1.0 shipped.

  • Sharing
    • We don’t yet support sharing your Gemini dashboard.This is one of our highest priority features and we plan on releasing with v1.0 within the next month or so. We want to ensure that your data remains secure yet easy to share, and have totally rethought Biovault’s sharing flow.
  • Downloading Raw Data
    • We are now directly integrating with APIs to pull in data from your Gemini Exam and other sources of health data so may not always have PDFs to share. Going forward, all quantitative data will be available for download in a spreadsheet. Qualitative data like images and their interpretations will also be available for download.
  • Medical History
    • We are not yet showing your EHR data in your Gemini Dashboard. 
  • Scan Only Exams
    • We will not be supporting exams that are just an MRI scan anymore due to capacity constraints. 
  • Grail
    • We do not have plans to continue to offer Grail at our Research Clinic in Redwood City. In general, going forward we will not be adding things to the Gemini Exam that we can’t integrate into the Gemini dashboard directly. You should consult with your doctor based on your Gemini dashboard and your personal and family health history as to whether the Grail test makes sense for you.

Please read our FAQ for more information about Gemini. 

The Gemini platform will be constantly improving and we’ll continue to share updates with all our Q Bionauts. Thanks for advancing inner space with us!